Equine Flu Vaccinations

There are many different horse governing bodies across the UK depending on the discipline. As expressed in the media in February 2019, an outbreak of Equine Flu is taken very seriously. We have therefore put together this support guide to inform the required action. We will do our utmost to keep this guide up to date, however please make sure you check with the governing bodies themselves to ensure full compliance.

Although different bodies allow different time intervals, we recommend a period of 4-6 weeks between the first and second vaccinations, followed by 6 months to the third. This is in line with data sheet recommendations and fits with competition rules.

The guidance below was last updated in June 2019.

British Horseracing Authority:   

  • 1st to 2nd vaccination interval: 21-92 days
  • 3rd vaccination: 150-215 days after 2nd
  • Boosters: within 365 days of last vaccination
  • Most recent vaccination must be within 8 months of running
  • Can’t race if not received first 2 vaccinations. Can’t race within 7 days of previous vaccination (day of vaccination is day 1)
  • Vaccination errors will be assessed by the stewards who will decide if horse allowed to run or not, trainer will receive a penalty, and vaccinations must be re-started before horse can race again.
  • Dates out of order should be corrected by re-starting the primary course.
  • Vaccination record alterations should be corrected by deleting the entire line and re-writing on the next available line.


  • Same as BHA rules, except 3rd vaccination anytime within 7 months of 2nd.
  • Most recent vaccination within 6 months and 21 days of entry to competition venue.
  • Can compete if latest booster less than 28 days overdue but fines apply, but can’t compete if over 28 days overdue.
  • No need to re-start if booster goes over 6 months and 21 days, but does if goes over 12 months.
  • Can’t enter competition venue within 7 days of last vaccination.
  • Warning and fine if vaccination record not up-to-date.
  • Can’t compete if have failed to complete a primary course 3 months after a warning for a 3rd vaccination being incorrect.
  • If primary course was given before 01/01/05, there is no need to fulfil requirements for 3rd vaccination, as long as all subsequent vaccinations given within 12 months

British Eventing:

  • Same as FEI except:
  • Latest booster to be within 6 months of competition.
  • Can compete if latest booster is up to 14 days overdue at discretion of event vet.
  • Can compete at discretion of event vet if historical vaccine errors, but must be corrected before next event.
  • No 7-day rule, but must not be vaccinated on day of competition.

Pony Club:

  • Same as BE
  • 3rd vaccination must be within 150-215 days (same as BHA).
  • Must not be vaccinated within 6 days of competition.
  • Must comply with BHA rules if entering licensed racecourse property.
  • No requirement for 6 monthly booster UNLESS VENUE SPECIFIC RULES APPLY.

British Dressage:

  • Same as BHA except:
  • Must have had a booster within 6 months of competition or entry to competition venue.
  • Cannot compete within 7 days of vaccination.

British Showjumping:

  • 1st to 2nd vaccination interval: 21-92 days
  • 3rd vaccination: 150-215 days after 2nd
  • Boosters: within 365 days of 2nd vaccine
  • Advice is to vaccinate 6 monthly but not mandatory

British Riding Clubs:

  • Same as BE except:
  • Cannot compete within 7 days of vaccination
  • Provided the horse had the first 2 vaccinations, and discrepancies in vaccination timings can be ignored if the horse started prior to 01/01/13 as long as all vaccinations after this date are within 12 months.

Please note: This guide is for information only. Please check the relevant authority website or rulebook for the latest rule changes/guidance.

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